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BioBru Mushroom Coffee
mushroom coffee

**To purchase visit the shop tab or:

You can purchase BioBru locally in Colorado Springs at these fine stores:

Shady Lawn Coffee Company

Bread and Butter Neighborhood Market

Silver Hawk Tea, Coffee and Beyond

Lavender & Thyme Aesthetics (Black Forest coming soon!)

“Bio” means “life” and our mushroom elixir is brimming with it!  BioBru blends synergistic mushrooms with roasted roots in a healthful, grounding brew.  Unearth the power of antioxidants, adaptogens, and clean energy without the jitters. 

Your LIFE deserves this BRU. 

Ingredients:  Chicory, Mayan seed, dandelion, carob, maca, ashwagandha; Double extracted Reishi, chaga, cordyceps, and whole mushroom powders (USA grown on organic brown rice (mycelial mass and fruiting body) (less than 0.3% brown rice), organic chocolate creme flavor. 

Pumpkin Spice contains Organic pumpkin spice flavor & spice blends

This product is does not contain coffee and is caffeine free

100% Organic ingredients.  30 servings

Created by a Certified Homeopath in Colorado Springs

*Homeopathy friendly

Meet the BioBru Superstars:

REISHI: Known as the mushroom of immortality, Reishi has over 400 bioactive compounds.  It is an adaptogen, immune modulator, and a general tonic.  Reishi can calm the mind, modulate stress hormones, and increase immune modulating t cells. 

LIONS MANE:  Boosts brain and nerve health through nerve growth factor.  Amazing for enhancing concentration and memory. 

CHAGA: This unique fungus boasts one of the highest antioxidant value of any food in nature.  This title means protection against free radical damage, thus preserving DNA integrity.  Chaga contains many trace minerals and is considered a powerful adaptogen, aiding in homeostasis of many body systems. 

CORDYCEPS: This funky little fungus is prized by athletes for its ability to provide energy, stamina, and improved lung function.  Cordyceps brings energy at the cellular level and is known as a lung, heart and kidney tonic. 

MACA: Known as Peruvian Ginseng, its a root used by natives to increase energy and libido. Maca has an pale color and subtle sweet, mild flavor, and adds a gentle energy kick to BioBru

ASHWAGANDHA: One of our greatest adaptogen gifts from India, this powerhouse is renowned for its ability to regulate stressors in the body. Taken daily people report less stress, anxiety and better adaptation to daily life stress. Ashwagandha is pale white in color

DANDELION: Once thought of as a pesky weed, dandelion is making itself known (finally) as one of the most important plants for organ support. The root supports a healthy liver and gently detoxes chemical stressors. When lightly roasted, it has medium brown color and bitter, coffee like flavor.

CHICORY: Known as a mainstream coffee replacement (roasted root looks and tastes like coffee w/o caffeine or acid), chicory is high in inulin, a prebiotic fiber helpful in slowing down digestion, keeping you fuller longer, balancing blood sugar, and lowering cholesterol. Inulin feeds our healthy gut bacteria to improve gut health.

CAROB: Often thought of as a cacao replacement since it boasts a similar bitter, chocolate flavor profile, carob is rich in polyphenols (more than red wine), fiber, calcium and magnesium.  

MAYAN SEED: an alkalizing roasted seed from Guatemala with a flavor reminiscent of coffee.  Packed with trace minerals and fiber, this powerhouse adds gut healthy nutrients to our brew. 

*these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to prevent, treat, or cure any disease or condition. 

BioBru mushroom coffee

$25 for 38 servings

reishi powder
cordyceps powder
ashwagandha powder
chaga powder
dandelion root
chicory root
Mayan seed
carob powder
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