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About Us

SoleLuna Botanicals has moved to Colorado!  We specialize in making all natural handmade botanical products using only the finest ingredients.  Our owner and product formulator has extensive training in herbalism, natural medicine, gastrointestinal research, and is a Certified Clinical Homeopath. 

In Italian, our name means “Sun (Sole)" and "Moon (Luna) Botanicals” as we harness energy from both the sun during the day, and moon to make our potent, energized products. Our powerful medicinal oils are infused with earth’s botanical bounty, solar and lunar energy, and various healing crystals.


We use only wild harvested or locally grown organic fresh plants, source local unrefined beeswax and honey. We make small, frequent batches so you can obtain the freshest, most potent products, free of synthetic preservatives. 

We want people to fall in love with the medicine and magic that botanicals provide, as they were divinely designed to work with our natural bodies.  We hope you will come to love our products, and share the power of SoleLuna Botanicals with your friends and family.

Butterfly on calendula flower.jpg

Organic Calendula and butterfly
grown in our garden

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