Clinical Homeopathy

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Homeopathy is a gentle, yet powerful form of natural healing.  Discovered over 200 years ago, it is the 2nd most used form of natural medicine in the world.  Homeopathy treats the whole person, as it recognizes the mind, body, spirit connection.  As your practitioner I will listen to all of your symptoms and carefully select 1 of over 6,000 remedies currently in use to match your unique symptom profile.  Once the correct remedy is given, your body receives an "instruction manual" for healing and does the work itself.  


Clinical Homeopathy refers to the study of acute illness and injuries, as well as some milder chronic conditions.  Generally Clinical Homeopathy is used for a shorter duration, although some issue may require ongoing care until improved or resolved. Some conditions may include: respiratory illness, sinusitis, sore throats, headaches, soft tissue injuries (back pain, strained muscles), healing faster from broken bones (after bone is set), healing faster from surgery, seasonal allergies, animal bites/stings (non-life threatening), acute rashes, and more.  

In addition to Clinical Homeopathy, I obtained a Certificate of Proficiency in Human Chemistry Integration Therapy (HCIT), a unique homeopathic method of assisting your body in removing unwanted chemicals such as medications, radiation, etc. that may have caused a health issue.  HCIT also uses homeopathy to support your bodies own chemicals (hormones, neurotransmitters, etc.) when they are out of balance.  I am taking a limited number of clients for HCIT at this time. 

Elena Pollard, MA is a Certified Clinical Homeopath trained at one of the country's most prestigious colleges, The American Medical College of Homeopathy.   In addition she is training in Human Chemistry Integrative Therapy through the International School of Human Chemistry, obtained additional clinical education under Dr. Robin Murphy. 

In addition to homeopathy, Elena has 150 hours of formal training and apprenticeship in Herbalism, including over 200 hours of self study.  She may likely recommend herbal remedies along with homeopathy during her consults. 

Elena has spent 20 years in the field of autism research with over 15 in biomedical research focusing on nutrition and the gut microbiome.  She has published over a dozen peer reviewed research publications.  Nutrition, diet and gut health is also an important part of her care recommendations. 

Appointments are generally in person, or through email, phone or Zoom. 



Momeopathy:  Homeopathy for Moms for home use

Join me for a 7 part series reviewing an intro to homeopathy, and how to treat common illness and injuries at home!  Classes are held in person in Colorado Springs and online.  


Week 1: Intro-  Scheduled Wed Feb 9th 6-8pm MDT  

Week 2:  First Aid-  Scheduled Wed Feb 23rd 6-8 pm MDT

Week 3: Headaches-TBD

Week 4: Allergies and sinus-TBD

Week 5: Stress and anxiety-TBD

Week 6:  Respiratory Illness -TBD

Week 7:  GI illness-TBD

Please visit SHOP tab to purchase the courses. 

The flyer below is to view course content only.  The dates have not been set for each as of yet. 

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