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In this medicinal mushroom class we will begin exploring fungi and their role in clinic practice. For Part 1 we will do a deep dive into Reishi, Cordyceps, Lion's Mane and Usnea (yes its part fungi!). For each we will discuss phytochemistry, clinical indications, research and recommended dosing.


Class is September 28th 6-8 pm online via Zoom. Link will be sent with registration. A recording will be provided for those registered upon request.

**Select local pickup at checkout to avoid an unnecessary shipping charge. All materials will be emailed.


Elena Pollard, MA is an Integrative Homeopath in Colorado and Owner of Soleluna Homeopathy and Botanicals. She has been formulating plant and fungi products and using medicinal mushrooms for over a decade. Elena has worked for over 20 years in biomedical autism research through Arizona State University under Dr. Jim Adams, in the areas of nutrition, prenatal health, GI dysfunction, and Microbiota Transfer Therapy.

Medicinal Mushrooms in Clinical Practice-Part 1

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