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This healing salve is intended for cuts and scrapes and provides a protective, infection fighting layer that slows bleeding, eases pain, and heals tissue.  Use a thin layer over cleansed wounds and bandage.  You will be amazed how quickly minor scraps and wounds heal.  



.5 oz jar


Ingredients: Olive oil*, beeswax, goldenseal root*, comfrey root*, white oak bark*, slippery elm*, yarrow*, St John's Wort oil*, and calendula oil*.
*Organic ingredients

Infused with amethyst crystal.


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. 


Kiss My Boo-Boo

  • We have created a line of 100% natural products for you, free of synthetic preservatives. Natural, hand-made products are made fresh and should not be expected to last as long as those with added chemicals.  Please use your products within 6-12 months from purchase date and come back for a fresh, potent batch.  If smell or color changes dramatically it is time to toss (Note: our salves may begin with strong herbal smells as they are loaded with potent botanical medicine).  Here are a few tips to keep your purchase lasting as long as nature allows:

    • Use our plastic spoons to scoop product from the jar.  Repeatedly touching with dirty fingers can shorten the life of your products. Wash spoon between uses if possible.
    • Keep products away from light and heat as they may change form and loose potency.
    • Do not introduce water into products as this will make them go bad quickly.
    • Wash affected area before applying any of our products in stick form.
  • Do to the nature of our products, we cannot issue refunds in most cases.  If your product arrives damaged we will gladly replace the item. 

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