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This is a 7 part series on how to use Homeopathy, herbs, gemmotherapy, and medicinal mushrooms at home, taught by a certified Homeopath.  You will leave with the confidence to treat your families at home for a variety of acute illnesses and injuries.   

Each class cost is $25.  This includes 2 hours of learning, powerpoint to print, Q & A with a Homeopath.  

This is a live class taught in person in Colorado Springs, or via Zoom for those out of town.   If you live in CO Springs, please join live so we can build a community to learn with! :)

-Minimum of 8 participants to hold the class. 

-Live classes cannot be taken individually (a la carte). 

-If you join, you are committing to the whole series as its too hard to fill random open spots.  -To hold your spot, you must pay for the first class

-Refunds will only be honored if you cancel 2 weeks prior to class start so I can fill your spot.  

**If you cannot committ to the series, you can purchase individual class videos here:


***Please choose IN PERSON or ZOOM when paying for the class.  If you are a previous student and wanting to join again, each class is $10 for ZOOM ONLY.  Please select PREVIOUS STUDENT in menu. 


Class schedule for IN PERSON (Colorado Springs).  These will be held on Wednesdays from 10-12 pm.   We will be doing the zoom class at the same time

May 31st: Introduction to Homeopathy, history, posology (dosing)

June 7th: First Aid

June 14th:  Gastronintestinal illness

June 21st:  Allergies and sinus

June 28th:  Headaches

July 12th:  Respiratory illness

July 19th:  Stress and anxiety




I look forward to a new cohort of students!  Here are some testimonials from previous students: 

"The classes are informative and easy to follow.  Elena is a hands on teacher and explains how homeopathy works in simple, easy to follow classes"  -Lizzie


"This series was invaluable in my quest to learn more about homeopathic remedies.  Elena provided a wealth of information on how to identify symptoms and provide remedies for my whole family.  As a mom, I feel empowered with my newfound knowledge.  Not only am I better equiped to recognize illness, but also understand the interconnectedness between physical and emotional symptoms.  I look forward to other classes by this instructor." -Wendy


"I took the HOMEopathy course series and was presented with an opportunity to ultilize what I had learned almost immediately.  My son had a horrible upset stomach, and after 2 doses of a remedy he was completely better.  That changed me from a skeptic to a believer." -Andrea


"Elena is a wonderful teacher and her curricula is easy to follow and understand.  I went into the course knowing nothing about homeopathy and came out with a clear grasp of what it is, how it works, and with a wonderful guide book from her to help me choose the correct remedy for ailments my family may face.  This course should be required for every new parent!" -Kari


HOMEopathy-Class series 2023

  • Refunds will only be honored if you email me 2 weeks prior to the start of the first class.  After that, no refunds will be offered, but I will send you the video link to watch the class.  Please understand I have had too many people cancel a few days prior to class which leaves me no time to fill their slot.  Thank you for understanding how much work goes into holding these classes. :)

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