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This beautiful, powerful bracelet contains hand selected crystals for balancing and cleansing each of the 7 chakras.  Only true, undyed crystals are used including: red banded agate, tigers eye, aventurine, sodalite or amazonite (depending on our mood), amethyst or fluorite (depending on our mood), and white banded agate. Finished with silver plated beads and lava stones for diffusing your favorite essential oils. Every bracelet is made when ordered and journeys through a 5 step cleansing process to charge and energize each crystal:


1. Laid in the earth to absorb Mother Earth energy overnight

2. Absorbs lunar energy during the night

3. Is exposed to first morning solar energy

4. Cleansed in a crystal bowl of spring water, flowers and other healing crystals

5. Energy is purified with sacred sage smoke during a smudging ritual


You will feel the difference a heartfelt cleansing does for the power and energy of your bracelet.  Factory-made bulk order bracelets lack energy and healing powers.  We want only the best experience for our customers.  All bracelets hand made one at a time in the USA. 


Chakra Balance Diffuser Bracelet

  • If the bracelet arrives damaged we will gladly replace it.  If the size is not perfect, please send it back and we will replace with the size right for you, less shipping and handling charges.  

  • All bracelets are shipped within 3-5 business days as they are custom made and participate in the energy cleansing ceremony.  They should arrive shortly after that, your patience is appreciated!

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